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One week until Europe!
Ali G
I'm off to Europe next week! I leave Wednesday, arrive in Brussels on Thursday morning. From there, I'm undecided whether to catch a train up to Amsterdam for the day or just kick it in Brussels until Friday when my friend Jaime shows up. I'll probably go to Amsterdam, just to check it out. Brussels does have the Tintin museum, which I am DEFINITELY going to, but I think I'd regret not checking out Amsterdam. Besides, I'll be back in Brussels on Friday, so I can get my Tintin fix then.

Torn whether to stay in the party hostel in Amsterdam or slightly better behaved one? I'm only there for a night so I'm highly tempted to wild out.

I meet up with my friend, the infamous Jamie Ball on Friday and head off to Brugge for some crazy rave. The lineup seems pretty fucking insane to me but my European friends seem unimpressed. They're spoiled. I get an all access pass courtesy of Jamie because he's playing.

From there, Jamie and I fly to Xàbia in coastal Spain. Doesn't look like there is much there but it'll be relaxing to spend a day or two eating paella and swimming in the Mediterranean, after the whirlwind first few days. It looks beautiful.

I'm scheduled to head to Madrid that Tuesday via high speed rail from Valencia. I'm really excited about that because I've always wanted to ride a high speed rail. I want it to be like a roller coaster but it probably won't live up to my expectations. Still, 230 miles in 1.5 hours is nothing to sneeze at. I just hope it's scenic.

In Madrid, I meet up with my former roommate Adam, who I haven't seen for almost a year. Lucky bastard, living in Europe, working for the Spanish version of Netflix. I've heard a lot about Madrid and I'm sure it'll live up to everything.

That Saturday, I head to Berlin to meet up with my boy Ed DuranDuranDuran. I'm tired of typing so I'll have to fill you in on Part 2 later.

To be continued...

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a bunch of my homies on the Musick stage... Satronica, Delta 9, Ophidian and the Outside Agency boys... should be a lot of fun.

I know, right? It's crazy how stacked that party is.

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