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Nino Gaggi
I'm seriously considering moving back to the city. The thing is that I'll have much less room. But I think that could be a good thing. Comfort breeds complacency. I've got a great room and a great setup now. But it's just stuff. I'm still stuck in Oakland, living in the same room I shared with Liz.

Speaking of Liz, I saw her last week at a party at my house. It put me in a weird mood considering my recent troubles but I'm glad our meeting was chill. She did what she had to do. I just wish I hadn't spent so much time with her before she came to that decision.

Another reason, moving out of Oakland could be a good move. Literally moving on.

Problem is that it'd be moving back to nearly the same situation I was in 5 years ago.

Whatever. There's never going to be the perfect situation.


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