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Viewing Habits
Nino Gaggi
Been getting into foreign movies again lately. One of the girls I'm seeing is into them too. I went on a date on Sunday to see Grotesque: Unrated Version. It's basically an ultraviolent Japanese gore porn movie/fake snuff film. Fucked up but the girl I saw it with was super turned on by it. What a freak!

The Japanese are funny. Also have been watching anime lately: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Fooly Cooly. Never was a big anime nerd but I really like those shows!

On the other end of the Japanese spectrum, I've been watching a lot of Pride FC, Dream and Sengoku events. What can I say? I enjoy watching fighting. The Japanese do it right though and add theatrics and make it significantly less "brah-y" than the UFC. I just watched Jose Canseco get beat up by Hong Man Choi! How could you not like that?

Also been into Brazilian movies as of late. Watched Tropa De Elite last night which was fucking awesome. I highly recommend it. Going to watch O Homem Que Copiava next. Heard really good things about that.

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Going to have to check out those Brazilian films. Did you see A Prophet? It won the best foreign film at the oscars last year. UNBELIEVABLE.

On a random note. I was remembering that outdoor party that you were spinning at and then we took shroom tea. Do you remember that??

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